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#1 2022-02-13 13:03:57

From: Danmark
Registered: 2021-10-13
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Video files and Music files optimization, volume tuning and faststart

At the moment trying to sort out things with sound, I have former used mp3gain, multiple versions and later used a little of foobar2000 which can also do other kind of files, like video files. I recall a reason why I had MP3tag application as well for something, like some kind of MP4 faststart optimization, trying to regather info for my brain to work on what it was all about.

Not sure if my Web Media Player actually support this volume tuning which is not done directly to the file but outside which not all players support and will adhere to. Anyway foobar2000 also do mp4 video files if the sound file is supported inside of it and FLAC sound files as well is supported for this.

Well, it as usually takes ages to download things and run through multiple files and as usually not without some issues. I am using foobar2000 at the moment, I have yet to go to MP3tags and sort out this faststart optimization yet... Need to re-find it again and sort that out. I think it worked with mp4 files as far as I recall... Not sure if mp3 files have problems of that nature or if anything can be done to also make it better for direct web play.

It's utter nonsense that all mp4 files are not all web optimized by default, as it does not seem to be any disadvantaged beside bullshit excuses from demon filled people who always wanna make things harder for people and lead away from sane choices. As the world is has as usually over the years been taking into more nonsense since the paradise days of Windows 2000, the best operating system ever made by microsucks.

Anyway... I'm doing some Antifungal treatments at the moment as well, trying some new natural product on my private parts for sorting out what the bullshitters calls balanitis, like lets not just call it a Fungus infection so anyone can comprehend the issue. Those Latin-Greek spouting whitecoat murderers on license, disgusting system of the Medical Mafia and there utter mistreatment.
Hopefully this will work on the Banana and the dangling Money bag. Oh well, what a life... And what a wicked world all around us.

Anyway... So I'm sorting out things at the moment, the computer running full stream on CPU and downloading files from the Server again, around 100 GB. Everything takes time. And of cause I have so many other things to sort out and a brain that is far from working at its optimum, but it is still able to do some. I need a brake, I've been needing a head break for years and years and never got around to it. How they could ruin us and make us so ignorant, killing us, hurting us, leading us astray in darkness. It's evil alright.

I guess I'm nearing filling up my 120 GB on my Host, which is fine as I still need to delete a lot of files - but at least I'm using my storage then, I have so many times in the past just payed for a domain and storage and never gotten around to using it. But not so anymore at least smile

Also I sorted out the issue with the Forum and pictures, but overall, I need to figure out the forum and how it overall works - I guess by just using it and dropping the other places smile

I'm on the Papists Portal of Gab, or platform - its focus is free speech but overall, that could quickly change and there is so many issues with it on other levels which should have been sorted out. Well, back to the good old days on this forum - although I don't like the idea of needing to use a Database. But that's just how it is I guess - there was an option for a non database forum, yet the creator has written he is going to do less work on it and he wants money for the themes and other things so... I don't know... I have so many projects already but it would be nice to have a portable Forum that can just be moved without thinking of any database or anything.

So... Lets submit this.

Dearly regards - Brother, Disciple and Child of Jehovah - Darkijah
May Jehovah bless you, Jayshua, be by you a most precious pearl, and their Spirit of Truth in us All, Amayn!


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