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#1 2022-02-08 10:33:49

From: Danmark
Registered: 2021-10-13
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Windows 7Opera 82.0

Notepad++ is absolute awesome for web page editing!!!

I finally after many years found something I am happy with for fixing websites.
Using Aptana and Netbeans and other things, I was just not happy and all those issues I hit into.

I found out I had an application all along that could do all I wanted!

Notepad++ has a plugin feature known as NppFTP in plugins, and you can connect directly to your ftp inside the Application and do things on the fly directly from the server. It is wonderful, is is lightweight and fast and just awesome!!! And not to forget the application is portable out of the package directly from the programmer, at least you can fix that somehow, so you don't need a second hand Portable solution for it.
That's just how it should be in the first place, so I uninstalled Bluefish as well after checking for the same feature which I could not find - so, trash the thing. I knew people was happy about Notepad++ yet I never really used it that much, I had begone using it because of the autosave function that is not in standard windows7 notepad, and have further it has a backup feature. It's pretty awesome altogether.

So small footprint, lightweight, easy FTP editing files and Portable - although not Linux Native but it seems there might be ways to make it work in Linux although I have not tried that, but I'm not the only one that knows about this wonderful program and love the way it works.

So overall, Notepad++ is the TOTAL winner for my Portable Application collection when I get to finish with it. There is still a lot of things to sort out, but nice to see one things sorted out smile

The forum should now be working with images although I don't know how it all works and need to look into that as well at some point and get more familiar with the forum software of FluxBB from Visman. His done a great job overall, I tried a lot of different Forum softwares, but here I am now, now finally on FluxBB which was the first thing I wanted, yet... From Visman.

Some theming might be nice for the Mobile Theme that works, but - well everything takes time.

Added later 11 min 09 s:
Further I have jumped back to OpenOffice from LibreOffice as the later became so slow and changed so many things in the interface - OpenOffice is pretty near what I recall it for many years ago, interface is near the same and works as it did in the past and it is quicker then LibreOffice. If it works DON'T FIX IT!!! Sadly programmers love to ruin applications and past sanity foundation.
So that's another changed and solid foundation for an Portable Office Suit. Although I can't remember if it is Portable out of the box directly, I think it is... but not sure.
Anyway overall a whole other project, but I would love to make something that would be ready to download for people for easy use and lightweight, and just work out of the box being portable! smile

I do have 2 mp3 gain programs, but it should actually be able to be replaced by Foobar2000 in function, I can't remember why I have all 3 Applications if Foobar can do the same, I recall Foobar2000 also doing adjusting Flac files in volume like the mp3 files. default was 89 db I think, by my own testing that seemed to also be verified by Wiki as being the overall standard, so that's great.

But anyway... I don't know if Foobar2000 does... oh yea it does not work with Linux, but maybe you can get it to work with Wine or something of that nature. Would make things easier for sure, not needing other applications to do what I want with my sound files adjusting the volume so they are all the same.

Still need to sort out one single Browser but... that's hard... I would love the good old times interface, and I do have Palemoon and Seamonkey which can be adjusted further, but they do have there own short comings. I tend to sadly turn to and use Opera as it is lightweight and mostly works, although hating the interface.

But need to look into that, I think Palemoon has a native Portable, I'm not sure about Seamonkey - but both of them have some issues on my webpage, well...

Anyway... That's enough for now. Back to work smile

Dearly regards - Brother, Disciple and Child of Jehovah - Darkijah
May Jehovah bless you, Jayshua, be by you a most precious pearl, and their Spirit of Truth in us All, Amayn!


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