Bible Applications and stuff

For PC Windows I would absolut recommend and my own choice as well for use theWord application which is a great and Powerful FREE AND PORTABLE Bible application with the ability to search multiple Bibles by a single search! You don't need to reinstall it again and again and you can take it with you on an USB key ;) - My absolutly first choice and I'll see if I can make an easy download with the Portable Applications with specific modules installed with it at some point for easy use and access for anyone wanting it. I still don't think the theWord has been updated further then what I already have and I was somewhat waiting for that to happen before needing to use time on setting everything up again and for distribution to others. Another thing not to forget, there is an popular free application known as E-Sword which I started out using, I guess my first Bible Application but myWord is just better and got so sick and tired of needing to reinstall things again and again and only being able to search one Bible book at a time so I transferred over to myWord which although somewhat heavier on the system on my around 8 year old laptop hanging in there, was much more to my liking. Most people I'm sure won't notice any difference in response on there high powered modern computer. But myWord is Portable *Have it on an USB stick and always at hand to share with others, just make a copy to there data storage if they like it after maybe seeing the application and finding interest*, E-sword is not, myWord can search multiple Bibles, E-sword can not, at least not since I used it, and the last and very important thing, you don't need to reinstall mySword and all the modules or setting things up again ;) Just the way I like it and how it should be in my book.

Also for PC there are the costly professional programs like Bibleworks old style windows and focus on Biblical text which sadly has been discontinued as it was my preferred choice to get of the 3 biggies out there *I fixed theWord to image it in interface which also was to my liking so if and when I bought Bibleworks it would still feel somewhat at home at least that was the idea, but then they capsized*, the Apple like software style which is not to my liking called Accordance, and the Catholic like overblown Logos software the biggest of them all in resources - although I have not really used any of them beside some tryouts and sniffing around for information in the past so my experience is put forward on that. The later 2 still surviving both have Android Applications as well, although somewhat slow, although I did buy the smallest package of Accordance with the Aramaic module so I could have it on my mobile for checking, expensive and disappointed as they did not fix much of the module in Hebrew Square letters but mostly Aramaic letters, kinda makes zero sense as it is the same 22 letters used but in different text style.

For Android there is only one complete and ruling winner of Bible software which makes things easier overall to chose, and it is known as MySword for Android and does not have anything to do with team making the free PC Bible software E-Sword! - bear in mind that a lot of the things are free and absolutly usuable but you have to "donate" to get all features. I used this application for around 2 years before "donating" to get the rest, but even with the free version it is the most powerful application to have at hand on your mobile!

Free opensource options for Android are - 1.BibleTime Mobile - 2.Bishop - 3.And Bible - and using pretty much the same free libraries although some difference with their own strength and weaknesses - sources used for these:
Danish Bibles: DaNT1819, Dan1871NT1907, DaOT1931NT1907
English Bibles: Geenva 1599, Geneva Notes, JPS, LITV, YLT, KJV, KJVA, LXX2012UK, SPE
English Books: DidacheEnglish, Josephus, JustinMartyr, Luthersworks
Hebrew Bibles: OSHB, SP, SPE, SPPSS, SPMT, SPVAR, Bible, SPDSS
Mixed Bibles: Coptic: SahidicBible, Askeland/Schulz(LXX) - Ge'ez: Ge'ez Bible - Malayalam: Malirv NRSV Bible
Glossaries Latin: la_en
Lexicons and Dictionaries: Webster 1806, Webster 1828, Webster 1913, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew, LiddellScott Greek-English - Maps and Images+ ?

theWord modules installed:

MySword modules installed: