Apocalyptistajonah *from bitchute*: According to the Anderson’s Constitutions of Freemasonry 1723 page 54 all masons are of the Catholic religion. “If you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuit Order are one and the same person.” James Parton, American historian "See, sir, from this Chamber, I govern, not only to Paris, but to China; not only to China, but to all the world, without anyone knowing how i do it." Michelangelo Tamburini 14th Jesuit Superior General from 1706-1730

An essential of historical Protestant Reformation faith is the doctrine that the pope or the papacy was to be regarded as the antichrist. - christianitytoday

6. For all men, the just as well as the unjust, shall be brought before God the Word: for to him hath the Father committed all judgment : and he, in order to fulfill the will of his Father, shall come as Judge, whom we call Christ. - Josephus first century historian and Jew - adopted as a Roman citizen

"Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands." -G. K. Chesterton.

Altar boys of prominence?
Father*Faker* D. S. Phelan, on June 27, 1912, produced a mega statement in The Western Watchman:
"Tell us we are Catholics first and Americans or Englishmen afterwards; of course we are. Tell us, in the conflict between the church and the civil government we take the side of the church; of course we do. Why, if the Government of the United States were at war with the church, we would say tomorrow, To hell with the Government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say: To hell with all the governments of the world.

"Why is it, that in this country, where we have only seven per cent of the population, the Catholic Church is so much feared? She is loved by all her children and feared by everybody. Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why, the Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine: The Pope is the ruler of the world. - Kauffman, Luther S., Romanism as a World Power, 1922, p. 27,28. *Emphasis in the original.*

[Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was a Jesuit priest and a professor at Ingolstadt University, which is a Jesuit university. The Jesuit Order was founded by Ignatius Loyola. He was the head of the Alumbrados in Spain, which is the order of Illuminati long before Adam Weishaupt even came along. He was arrested by the Dominican Monks under the Inquisition and used his power of association, of those who had influence and power, to beg an audience with the pope. Now, nobody knows what occurred during this audience. But he emerged as the head of a new order called the Jesuits. Now, the Jesuits was just another name for the Alumbrado, for he took his organization that he already controlled and made it into the brotherhood of the Jesuits. The Jesuits went on to foment rebellion everywhere that they went and the pope gave them incredible power and made Ignatius Loyola immune to any prosecution from any source. And it was they who trained Adam Weishaupt, and it was Adam Weishaupt who formed the branch of what we all know as the Illumined Ones, known as the Illuminati in Bavaria. For he sent out agents to infiltrate the lodges of the secret societies throughout Europe.] - Bill Cooper - transcripts-of-william-cooper-s-mystery-babylon

"When the United States rules the world the Catholic church will rule the world." - Archbishop Quigley Chicago Tribune May 5, 1903

“The **Knights of Columbus was founded by Father Michael J. Mc-Givney** (1852 – 1890), the American son of Irish emigrants, and **trained by the Jesuits** at Saint Mary College in Montreal, Canada. In an excellent biography by Douglas Brinkley and Julie M. Fenster entitled Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism (HarperCollins, 2006), it stressed the fact that **he wanted to become a Jesuit at all costs**. So Father Michael wanted to become a Jesuit, but then for some ‘strange reason’ he became instead the classic priest of a small church in some remote town that somehow creates one of the most powerful organizations in the Catholic Church. There must be a specific project that made this man and his creation, the Knights of Columbus, so influential in less than a hundred years, giving them in recent years the possibility to control the much older order of the Knights of Malta. The Jesuit connection is, of course, crucial to our history, as Michael J. McGivney had been trained to become a future Jesuit priest, and it can’t be found, in any publication, that he actually didn’t become one…             “Perhaps his mission for the Company of Jesus was different, how it often happens for the Jesuits. Discretion and camouflage presented him to the world as a ‘simple’ secular priest, but **he** **certainly was more of a Jesuit in his mindset and spirituality**. **The** **Knights of Columbus is one of the Orders in charge of the New World Order**, and it is good to immerse ourselves in a deeper study, even if **Jeb Bush**, one of its better known members, fortunately didn’t make it to the White House. The **symbolism used by the Knights of Columbus seems to me to be pretty obvious, and overtly fascist**. They are known by the initials K which stands for Knights—and C, that is Columbus, who inspired them, and was led, as we know from recent studies, in his voyage to the Americas, by secret maps put together centuries earliers by the Knights Templar. They are considered the long arm of the Catholic Church, and **the true head of the Knighthood is not \[Ed.: Carl A.\] Anderson, still an** **influential figure, but behind him, according to some American researchers, the General of the Jesuits is concealed**. Therefore, the Knights of Columbus would only be **mere executors of the Jesuit agenda for America and the rest of the world**, where they act using as their henchmen the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Of this I have had confirmations both in my research and in my personal experience with them, and the Jesuits.” - Leo Lyon Zagami, *Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican*, (United States: CCC Publishing, 2017), p. 279.


Oliver Cromwell banned Christ-Mass, Ishtar and kicked out the Jesuits of England? The outright ban came in June 1647, when Parliament passed an ordinance banning Christmas, Easter and Whitsun festivities

Puritins banned Christ-Mass

Londonderry Free Presbyterian


>>> *Time of place is before and in the time of King Christian 2 and Frederik the 1* Skiby Krøniken - Lektor Povl Helgesens *Roman Papist* historiske optegnelsesbog - Translated from Latin to Danish by A. Heise. <<< >>> Rome and the Counter-Reformation in Scandinavia - Oskar Garstein *History Scholar* (30 years of study): 1.*1961AD* (1539-1583AD) 413p: Until the establishment of the S.*acred* Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in 1622: Based on source material in the Kolsrud Collection. (ISBN:) 2.*1977AD* (1583-1622AD) 626p: Until the establishment of the S.*acred* Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in 1622: Based on source material in the Kolsrud Collection. 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Kirkehistoriske Studier II. række, nr. 22. København, G. E. C. Gads forlag, 1966. 517 s. *1 Sociaty of Jesus or the Devils company number one! ... *Yderligere info om hvor bogen kan ses, andet sted?* [Kirkehistoriske Studier, udgivet af Institut for Dansk Kirke-historie, Second Series, Number 22.] (Copenhagen: G. E. C. Gad. 1966. Pp. 516) Ernst Ekman The American Historical Review, Volume 73, Issue 4, April 1968, Page 1176, Published: 01 April 1968 <<< >>> 1605AD *Failed Jesuits conspiracy to blow up the English Protestant Parlement up with King and Court*: Det gode selskab *Satans kryb* book released 1999 - Hans Lyngby Jepsen dead 2001 *Det vist ikke lige en bog der er helt historisk... Men ikke kigget yderligere på den* <<< >>> Karlstadt and the Origins of the Eucharistic Controversy: A Study in the Circulation of Ideas (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology) Book: Peter Martyr Vermigli and the European reformations : semper reformanda - Frank A. James - 2004 *who is* <<< >>> Pavekirkens historie, eller Historiens vidnesbyrd om at Usandheden er vel gammel, men Sandheden alligevel ældre - Karl Roll (1829-1887) - 1894,contains,Pavekirkens%20historie&offset=0 <<< >>> Enhjørningen Corfitz Ulfeldt - Steffen Heiberg - Bog - Dansk Modreformation? <<< >>> Absalon Pederssøn Beyers dagbok 1570-1571 Enestående dagbok forteller om billedstriden i Bergen etter reformasjonen. <<< >>> Fem glemte jesuitter : Den åndshistoriske baggrund for grundlæggelsen af Jesu Selskab = Five forgotten Jesuits by Jan Pöhlmann( Book ) 1 edition published in 1997 in Danish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide <<< >>> Global Vatican: An Inside Look at the Catholic Church, World Politics, and the Extraordinary Relationship between the United States and the Holy See af Francis Rooney *Papist and former US diplomat for the Ratican* <<<< >>> Northern European reformations : transnational perspectives James E Kelly (James Edward) 1981- editor; Henning Laugerud editor; Salvador Ryan editor 2020; 1st ed. 2020. “Another Age Will Damage and Destroy”: The Radicalised Reformation in Denmark-Norway in the Later Part of the Sixteenth Century von Achen, Henrik Northern European Reformations, 2020, p.77-111 Introducing the Lutheran Reformation in Norway 1537, the Danish King Christian III and the reformers had to adopt a slow pace, carefully bringing about a gradual transition which did not upset the population. The second generation of reformers, however, realised that progress took too long and employed harsher means to eradicate the material culture of the old faith and its abundance of devotional practices. From the 1560s, then, a radicalisation took place, not so much theologically as in terms of rejecting all parts of the existing religious culture, moving closer to Calvinist positions. This development might have been initiated by the necessity of responding to the Tridentine Council. As the Roman church moved closer to a moderate Lutheran position, the reformers radicalised to uphold the distance needed to legitimise the break with the church of their fathers. RESUMÉ This book examines the experiences and interconnections of the Reformations, principally in Denmark-Norway and Britain and Ireland (but with an eye to the broader Scandinavian landscape as well), and also discusses instances of similarities between the Reformations in both realms. The volume features a comprehensive introduction, and provides a broad survey of the beginnings and progress of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations in Northern Europe, while also highlighting themes of comparison that are common to all of the bloc under consideration, which will be of interest to Reformation scholars across this geographical region.,contains,Northern%20European%20Reformations,%202020,%20p.77-111,AND&mode=advanced Reformation Across the North Sea: Early Protestant Connections Between Denmark, England and Scotland 115 Morten Fink-Jensen ISBN : 3-030-54458-3 ISBN : 3-030-54457-5 <<< >>> DaNo - Pavekirkens historie - Karl Jakob Roll - 1859 genudgivet 1894 - "Den politiske Radikalisme" og de Christne : Oversættelse fra Venstre til Høire af "Den politiske Situation og de Christne" : Opraab Nr. 2 af Karl Roll. A M St Arctander 16 sider 1883,contains,Den%20politiske%20Radikalisme"%20og%20de%20Christne%20:%20Oversættelse%20fra%20Venstre%20til%20Høire%20af%20"Den%20politiske%20Situation%20og%20de%20Christne"%20:%20Opraab%20Nr.%202%20af%20Karl%20Roll. <<< >>> I henhold til de Stærke Jyder protest vedholde de sig den "gamle" lærebog og kingo sangbog: Sandhed til Gudfrygtighed, Forklaring over Luthers Lille Katekismus, med moderne typografi - Erik Pontoppidans - ISBN 978-87-430-0179-9 <<< >>> Charles Chiniquy former xPriest English and Danish/Norwegian English: 1. 50 Years in the Church of Rome - Chick Puplication 2. 40 Years in the Church of Christ - 3. Priest, Woman & Confessional - Chick Puplication DaNorsh: Katholicismen afsløret : Et Tilbageblik paa mit Liv: 1. Femti år i den Romersk-katholske Kirke - oversat af StorJohann - 1901 2. Forti år i Kristi Kirke - oversat af StorJohann - 1901 3. Den romerske prest, kvinden og privatskriftemaalet - oversat af Peter Helgevold og udgivet - 1892 <<< >>> Johannes Petrafontanus : en jesuiterelev fra Christian 4s tid. <<< >>> Andreas Brandrud 1886-1957 Danish/Norwegian teologian and Christian Historian sources: Klosterlasse; Et Bidrag Til Den Jesuitiske Propagandas Historie I Norden 1895 - Domkapitels protokol - 1901 (Most likely not interesting) - For frisindet Kristedom 1 : religiøse foredrag - 1906 - For frisindet Kristedom 2 : religiøse foredrag - 1907 - Teologien ved det kgl Frederiks universitet 1811-1911 (I universitetets jubilæums skrift - 1911) - Den Kristne Kirkes historie : et grundrids - 1915 - To og Tredive Prædikener holdt i Aarene 1578–1586 av Jens Nilssøn (sm.m. O. Kolsrud) - 1917 Brandruds store innledning til denne utgaven er utgitt separat under tittelen: Biskop Jens Nilssøn av Oslo. Et billede fra Norges senere reformationshistorie - 1917 - Kirkens Historie : I kort fremstilling - 1904-1927 - Minnetale over professor Oluf Kolsrud : holdt i den hist.-filos. klasses møte den 8de mars - 1946 <<< >>> Papist Krijn, F. til forsvar Avsløringer av umoralen i den katolske kirke : en katolsk prests erfaringer 1927 <<<

Fra første Danske Testamente 1524 af Kong Christian den 2 af Hans Mikkelsen midt imellem Paulus Gerninger og Romerne vist: Nåde og fryd af Gud Fader vor herre Jesu Christo ønsker jeg Hans Mickelsen, alle Danske mænd og kvinder unge og gamle. Aller kærste brødre og søstre udi Christo Jesu, efter den tidligere farlige tid, af hvilken profeterne og apostlerne har skrevetl og Kristus har selv talt...

Hutteritbrødrenes historiebog begynder med skabelsen af verden og leder derefter gennem den bibelske frelseshistorie i Det Gamle og Nye Testamente . Dette efterfølges af en passage gennem kirkehistorien fra et "frikirke" -perspektiv. Det såkaldte konstantinistiske vendepunkt og den deraf følgende voksende afhængighed af kirken af staten ses som det dybeste fald i synd for det kristne samfund. [2] En særlig kritik er rettet mod pavedømmet "som den højeste vederstyggelighed", der fra synkretistiske kilder og efter eget skøn har "blandet en særlig bog, dekretet", samt "stenkirker, malede helgener" og trækors ". [3]üder

The Scandinavian Reformation: A Bibliographical Guide Forsideomslag Trygve R. Skarsten Center for Reformation Research, 1985 - 130 sider Indhold Medieval Background of the Scandin page 8 Reformation in Denmark page 16 Reformation in Norway page 63 Reformation in Iceland page 75 Reformation in Finland page 121

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Charles Chiniquy ex-catholic priest [30 July 1809 – 16 January 1899]

“Protestanten der ikke protestere imod Rom er navnet uværdig”

Oversat Text, og hvis du holder musen over en oversat text, vil du se den orginale text som er blevet oversat.

En kort beskrivelse om personerne kommer også når jeg føler jeg har overskud, og et bedre system til den oversatte text.

Adolf Hitler [1889-1945]

“Jo større en løgn, jo nemmere er det og synke”

Hermann Wilhelm Göring [1893-1946]

“Sejrherren vil altid være dommeren, og den besejrede den tiltalte.”

“Befolkningen kan altid blive bragt frem ved anmodning fra deres ledere. Det er nemt. Alt hvad du skal gøre er og fortælle dem at de bliver angrebet og fordømme pacifister for deres mangel på patriotisme og fremstille landet for fare. Det virker på samme måde i alle lande.”

Hippocrates [460-370 F.Kr]

“Lad din mad være din medicin og din medicin din mad.”

“Hver gang en dokter ikke kan gøre gavn, må han blive holdt fra og gøre skade.”

“Lav en vane af to ting: til hjælp; eller i det mindste ikke at gøre skade.”

“Naturlige kræfter indeni os er de sande helbredere af sygdomme.”

Linus Pauling [1901-1994]

“Alle skulle vide at de fleste kræft undersøgelser i høj grad er bedrageri…”

Max Gerson [1881-1959]

“Det er lægens opgave og aktivere og genaktivere kroppens eget helbredelses mekanisme.”

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi / Mahatma Gandhi [1869-1948]

“Selvom du er minoritet af en, er sandheden stadig sandheden! Glæde er når du tænker, hvad du siger, og hvad du gør er i harmoni. Jeg er klar til og dø, men der er ingen årsag hvorved jeg er parat til og dræbe. Jeg tror at en mand er den stærkeste soldat for og turde dø ubevæbnet”

“Hvis vi skal lære ægte fred i denne verden, og hvis vi skal føre en rigtig krig imod krig, skal vi begynde med vores børn”

“Det er helbred der er den ægte rigdom og ikke stykker af guld og sølv.”

“Lev som skulle du dø imorgen. Lær som skulle du leve evigt.”

“Styrke er af to slags. En er opnået ved angst for afstraffelse og den anden ved handlinger af kærlighed. Styrke basseret på kærlighed er tusinde gange mere effektiv og permanent end den opnået ved angst for afstraffelse.”

“De svage kan aldrig tilgive. Tilgivelse er en egenskab af de stærke.”

Nikola Tesla [1856-1943]

“Elektricitet er allesteder tilstede i ubegrænsede mængder og kan drive verdens maskiner uden behovet for kul, olie, gas, eller alle andre former for almindelig brændstoffer”

“Videnskab er kun en fordærvelse af sig selv hvis ikke det har, som sit ultimative mål og forbedre menneskeheden”

“Hvis du vil forstå Universet, så tænk i betingelser af energi, frekvenser og vibrationer.”

“Hvis Edison skulle finde en nål i en høstak, ville han med det samme med en flid som en bi undersøge strå efter strå endtil han fandt objektet han søgte efter. Jeg var et sørgeligt vidne til dette, da jeg viste at lidt teori og beregning kunne have sparet ham halvfems procent af sit arbejde.”

“Lad fremtiden fortælle sandheden, og evaluere vær og en ifølge hans arbejde og opnåelser. Fortiden er deres; Fremtiden, som jeg virkelig har arbejdet for, er min.”

“Ud over rummet er der energi. Er denne energi statisk eller kinetisk! Hvis statisk er vores håb forgæves; hvis kinetisk – og det ved vi det er, med sikkerhed – Så er det blot et spørgsmål om tid før mænd vil overkomme og montere deres maskiner til selveste naturens hjulværk.”

Thomas Alva Edison [1847-1931]

“Fremtidens læge vil ingen medicin give, men vil instruere patienten i pleje af den menneskelige ramme, i diæt, årsag og forebyggelse af sygdomme” (1902)

François-Marie Arouet – Alias Voltaire [1694-1778]

“Læger giver medicin som de ved lidt om, ind i kroppen, som de ved endnu mindre om, for sygdomme som de slet ikke ved noget om.”

Milton William “Bill” Cooper [1943-2001]

“Læs alting og hør på alle. Tro ikke på noget du ikke selv kan bevise med egen undersøgelse.”


“Giv en mand en fisk, og han har mad til en dag. Lær en mand at fiske, og han har mad til hele livet.”

“Historie er skrevet af Sejrherrerne, historie er fuld af løgnere”