Portable Applications

A picture of my own, but have not made one for download yet. *Work in Progress*

Portable Application Program

Portable Applications for digital sanity!
Na = Native
PA =
wPP =

---- 0 Main launcher program ----
PStart Launcher native

---- # Root ----
Opera - Na *Web/Chat*
Firefox Developer - PA *Web/Chat*
Iron - Na *Web/Chat* Bible Program - Na *Office* *HOT*, Douglas Training videos
KeePass Na *System tool*

---- 1 Web/Chat ----
Notepad++ Na - Web-editor, (Npp)ftp,light!
JSXC Na EChat/Birdie
PSI Native EChat/Birdie
PSI+ Native Na EChat/Birdie
Tunderbird Email

---- 2 OFFICE ----
Sumatra PDF Na
Apache OpenOffice wPP
Ant Renamer
Calibre Native Books
PDFtoPicketMod link to webpage but no program anymore...

---- 3 Multimedia ----
VLC Media Player
Foobar2000 Native
GIMP with Photoshop, Plugin PhotoGIMP
Inkscape PortableApps it seems
CDex Native Portable older version

---- 4 System Tools ----
ClamWin, ClamWin make it portable
IObit Uninstaller
PMeter pixel meter
SnapTimer Na
ConvertALL Native setting install
Process Explorer
NetMeter Evo

IRC #Seamonkey how to turn off Cache:
1 way: set your cache to 0 - Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache
2 way: Ctrl+Shift+R (Ctrl+F5) is a forced reload
3 way: Shift and pressing reload/refresh button in browser
Standard using cache: Ctrl+R (F5) is simply a reload

RealTemp Distance to TJ Max Temperature Junction where it downclocks.

CPU main computer:

HP Crapbar and Dell Slimclient, both Slow but low on energy, not worth it. Dell Wyse 3330 slimclient N03D Intel 6.gen serie Celeron N2807 (0,499/@1,58/2,16GHz Low/Normal/Turbo)X2 16GBL RAM - 12V 3-7watt - WES7 64bit: CPU speed 159: Intel HD Graphics controller (Gen 7) (125?/@313/750MHz Low/Normal/Turbo) RAM 16GB DRR3L(Low voltage version) 1.35V! 1600mhz PC3-12800 204PIN soDIMM System, drivers, manuals:

Solar Panels from England:

Energy Storage: Bluetti EB70 Sunpower panels:

Computer Hardware:

>>>> Thin Client Hardware list <<<< >>>> information Dell Wyse 15.4" Notebook Xnol X90LE 1.2GHz 1GB RAM 19.5v with Win2000 - 555kr, Mobile Thinclient Notebook Wyse With 39CM 15.4 " TFT Xnol X90LE Win 2000 Top voltage change: USB C 20 Volts tricker should do it. 44-pin PATA/IDE mSata adapter: (2.5 inch 44pin IDE to mSATA SSD Case Enclosure Adapter for Laptop mSATA to IDE) 44 PATA Small pata cable? RAM 4gb x 2 <<<< >>>> Full size SSD mSATA's and stuff: Kingchuxing 1.81TB Cheapest I could find. - - - - <<<<

Operating system Windows 2000 Pro:

>>>> Original download, BlackWingCat, SP4 Buy Original. - - - - Win2000Pro Modernization Guide - - - - Instructions: Use Today! With KernelEx In 2020, Update using a WSUS Server, Youtube search. - - - - Windows 2000 forum - - - - Remove 4GB RAM Limit of Windows XPx86 extend to 128GB <<<<

Operating system Gnulix:

>>>> CrunchbangPlusPlus, AbsoluteLinux, Trisquel, ArtixLinux. <<<<